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Steel19 - Tradition meets modernity

Modernity and craftsmanship, innovation and tradition: Steel19 combines apparently opposing worlds to a symbiotic solution. Reduced and contemporary forms and the particularly high-contrast material composition make the washplace to an example of a new puristic design.

Steel19 is available for powder rooms and in a large version Steel19.L for the main bathroom.
Steel19 in detail

New Steel19.L for main bathrooms

Thanks to new dimensions (1000 millimetres (width) x 590 millimetres (height) x 490 millimetres (depth)) and adapted features, Steel19.L is suitable for use in the main bathroom or as a solitary highlight for boutique and lifestyle hotels: With Steel19.L, the sink can be positioned either on the right or left, depending on requirements and the room situation. In addition, the overflow integrated into the bowl completes the new functionality. Steel19.L has a push-open drain, which allows water to be stored.

Steel19 for powder rooms

Transformation of a classic: Steel19 brings the pragmatism of the classic bucket sink into today´s bathroom: The characteristic unit of enameled splashback and basin, in combination with the filigree steel frame, sets industrial accents. The combination of materiality and color opens up contrasting design concepts. The filigree shape of 3 mm glazed steel, precise edges and minimal radii support the clear geometric approach, which in many ways is reminiscent of classic products from the Bauhaus style.

Functionality down to the last detail

Despite its compact design, Steel19 offers a high degree of functionality. The integrated splashback, in combination with the basin mould and the precisely matched fitting, ensures a harmonious and safe flow of water at the same time. With shelves on two levels for bathroom accessories or towels, there is also plenty of space available, which can also be used to a maximum load of 150 kg.


Steel19 combines great visual impact with minimal installation effort. In addition to the basin, the complete solution also includes the fitting, the preinstalled fitting body, the precise shelf made of tempered safety glass and the cover of the bottle trap. From materiality and color to the outlet length of the fitting, all parts are perfectly matched and tested.
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