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Shaping Surfaces

Innovative surfaces for individual living spaces

For Alape, surfaces are more than visual appeal, more than the rare combination of colors and their palette. They enhance the material effect and create haptics that touch the user beyond the visual impression.

Only the harmony of color and surface (haptics) gives a product aesthetics and allows the unity of product and surrounding. On this basis, Alape deals with living spaces and their appeal, in order to derive conclusions for inspiring products.

The result are three surfaces that are unique and natural in their appearance and feel, because they all have one thing in common: the attributes of enamel and steel that are carried out in the manufacturing process.

As part of a curated series, the surfaces are only available for an extract of the portfolio to ensure that the surface and the design become one.

aDialog - Andrea Jürgens about „Shaping Surfaces”

The new surface ranges of the Shaping Surfaces collection focuses on references from nature. With multi-sensory material compositions inspired by natural elements, they link into our most original habitat.
Andrea Jürgens, interior designer and Head of Creative Management at Alape, provides insights into her world of ideas and Alape´s surface strategy.
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