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Piccolo Novo

Piccolo Novo - reinterpretation of a classic

With the launch of "Piccolo" in 1997, Alape created the first filigree product made of 3 millimeter steel for guest bathrooms, which is used as a functional solution for small floor plans. With "Piccolo Novo" Alape now presents the new edition of the popular classic. The novelty comes with a contemporary adaptation of its functions, current colors trends and optimized proportions.

The series in detail

Refinement down to the last detail

Since its market launch about two decades ago, Piccolo combines formal purism with functional optimization to design washplaces in the smallest of spaces. The typical bowl of 3 mm glazed steel characterizes the appearance and made Piccolo to an icon. With Piccolo Novo, this line continues consistently without neglecting the roots of the product: A flush valve cap, the harmonious integration of the bowl in the console and slightly adapted dimensions, ensure an overall finer silhouette.

Curated surfaces

The personal environment is changing. In addition to colors, the importance of authentic surfaces and their haptic is becoming more and more important, especially in places of retreat and contemplation. With the curated surfaces of the Terra series Alape now allows the combination of color and haptics in the guest bathroom. Available in the three matt colors Nordic Matt, Oyster Matt and Gravel Matt as well as the classic white, Piccolo Novo offers scope for the individual design of color harmony or contrast.

Functional all-rounder

Regardless of the floor plan, Piccolo Novo offers a maximum of planning flexibility. Depending on the architectural conditions, especially in door areas, the bowl can be optionally selected on the left or right. The shelf is sufficient for soap, lotion or accessories and the integrated towel rack completes the range of functions. The included design siphon ensures an overall aesthetic solution.
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